About me

I'm Elahn Zetlin, a creative videographer with over 25 years hands on experience working in video production for broadcast, corporate, commercial and private clients.
I'm originally from Brisbane, Australia and now residing in Melbourne after 5 years living and working in the Middle East. I've worked in TV news and current affairs, broadcast programs, TV commercials, company and small business promotions, event filming, music videos, and much more.
I have a great eye for detail and capturing un-staged moments of real life. My style for natural, free-flowing sound bites allows me to create meaningful, heartfelt "slice of life" content, be it for business marketing, non-profit awareness and promotion, live events such as conferences or festivals, and even the strangely weird viral cat video that has been viewed over 20 million times. There's my 15 minutes!
I'm a jack of all trades but also know how to work with a crew when required, taking the role of producer/director and working with some of the best creative cameramen, production crews and editors around.


Creative Director, Cameraman, Editor